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Welcome to Cedar Creek

SugarWe are  located in the little Norwegian town of Poulsbo, Washington , just a ferry ride from Seattle. We are delighted to share this wonderful breed with you as we feel that they are simply The BEST!  Our emphasis is to breed cavaliers that represent the breed in type, beauty, temperament conformation and health. It is important that these attributes be given high priority as the future of Cavaliers depends on responsible informed breeding. As a Washington Cavalier Breeder, we have been blessed with friends and mentors in the US and abroad who have guided us, shared their experience and continue to teach us. We can never stop learning and improving.  We invite you to take a walk through our site. We have lots of images, a few videos and some features that we think you will enjoy and find helpful.  We have included helpful information that can be used as a resource for anything from health issues to local clubs and of course shopping and traveling with your dog. .. We are always willing to talk with you if you would like to contact us by phone or email.   

 Jim and Trudy Owens  



I am so Blessed to have so many wonderful clients.  I love what I do and find great joy in knowing my dogs make a difference in people's lives.  I recently received this letter and it is just one more reason to Give Thanks !

We started using Buddy as my son's therapy dog about a year and a half ago. He provides mostly emotional support for him but his counselor and psychiatrist use Buddy to help with therapy. Gary even took him to the orthodontist last week when he had to have some painful stuff done! This dog has literally saved his life. He was suffering from depression and has a severe anxiety disorder. I'm looking at Buddy laying on the floor right now and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to this breed and giving our family the gift of this dog! You are at the top of my list !!!! Xo 

puppy paws