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Finding a Good Breeder and the Right Puppy for You!

The Right Breeder: 

How do you know if you have a good breeder or just another backyard or puppy mill producer? Here is a list of key points that will tell you, that you have a breeder of quality.

A Good Breeder does not sell to pet shops, brokers, classified ads or web sites.

A Good Breeder is a member in good standing with the American Kennel Club (AKC), the parent club for the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (ACKCSC) and or the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club USA (CKCSC). These are the only Legitimate US recognized registrations and in order to be a member one must sign a code of ethics for good breeding practices and conduct. 
Donates their time and money to Health Organizations that are continually doing research to eliminate Health issues in the Cavalier.

A Good Breeder will have a registered Affix, meaning that all puppies will have the Kennel name on the registration papers. This shows integrity and responsibility on behalf of the breeder. Our puppies will be registered and come with the Cedar Creek Affix.

You should be able to and in our case required to visit our home, meet the dogs so that you can see the environment in which the dogs are raised and the philosophy of the breeder.

A Good Breeder will give a guarantee of health on the puppy, providing you with written health clearances of both parents from doctors who are specialists in the field. Typical health clearances should include eye, hearts, hips and patellas as well as DE ( Dry Eye), EF ( Episodic Falling) and CC (Curly Coat).  The puppies will also be checked by a veterinarian before leaving our home.

A Good Breeder spends time handling puppies each day. Socializing them, loving them and preparing them for their forever home.

Is committed to the dogs they breed and will always welcome back a dog that needs to be re-homed, for its entire life.

You can expect to pay between $2000 - $3500, and will be required to sign a spay/neuter contract.

Cedar Creek Cavaliers considers the above  qualities not only essential but vital to breeding quality dogs. It is important to us to follow these standards in order to protect the Cavalier Breed.  


Finding the Right Puppy:

Our puppies come from Champion lines. We are members of both National Clubs, the ACKCSC and the CKCSC as well as the local Cavaliers of Puget Sound Club. We breed only after careful consideration of each dog and what is needed to better the breed. We breed with the Cavalier standard in mind with emphasis on Health, Temperament and Confirmation. We realize that a show career only lasts a few years and then they are either passing those qualities down to puppies or becoming someone's devoted pet.

Our puppies are raised in our home, around our family and farm environment. We beginpup3 training right after the puppies are born, stimulating them and exposing them to new sounds, textures, smells and different environments. As they become more active we include things like tunnels and scaled down agility equipment to develop their motor skills. It is our goal to introduce the puppies to 100 things before they leave for their new homes at 10-12 weeks.

We first train puppies to a litter box, but by the time they are 8 weeks old they are going outside to potty on their own through the doggy door. By the time they go home they will have had their nails done and bathed on a regular basis and will be wormed, and their vaccinations started.

pup4They will have a check up from my Vet and you will receive a written sheet of everything pertaining to your puppy. Your puppy will have ridden in a car and will be familiar with sleeping in a crate. Each puppy will be dully registered with both National Clubs, and come with pedigrees of parents, health clearances from specialists in the field and of course their baby blanket from home.

Every puppy is different. Some are couch potatoes and some have lots of energy. We try to match the dog with the family situation. For example, a family with young children would have different needs from a retired couple. We want adding a dog to your home to be a win, for your family and a win for the dog. We want to give you every chance of having success!

Unlike buying a car where once the sale6 weekscropped is complete you never hear from the salesperson again, we believe we have a responsibility to the dogs we breed for their life. We look at the sale of a puppy as the beginning of a relationship not the end. We are here to mentor you, inform you of products, help you with training, and offer you support when you need it.

We give each puppy a good start in life, and if you are consistent in training for that first year you will have a dog you can enjoy being with for its lifetime.

Occasionally, we have an adult to place, so if a puppy is too much and you prefer to have a trained dog let us know. We are always happy to talk with you, just call or email.

"Cavaliers will Melt Your Heart"!

Jim and Trudy Owens

Poulsbo, Washington