Helpful Information

I have taken some time to capture useful information for you.  It references a number of useful sites and documents for your review and insight.  I do not over see or manage these sites so the information there is subject to change outside of my control.  I will commit to keeping you informed of the latest information available to help you in your search and ownership of this incredible breed.


Information LIbrary

  I have added  links below that you will find helpful while traveling.  Whether  you are traveling by air, sea or on a road trip you will find handy suggestions to help you out.

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Like all breeds Cavaliers have some specific possible health issues.  Being informed and aware will help you care for your Cavalier and give them the best chance for a long life.

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Shopping? I love shopping and here you will find great supplies and places to get them.  So many to choose from but listed are some that I like and use.  There are always new things coming to the marketplace so If you have questions about products  let me know.